Gastric plication is part of the emergent interventions, even if the first interventions date back more than 10 years, this intervention knows a strong diffusion in the world and a weak diffusion in Europe. Indeed, it was originally described in countries where the cost of sleeve gastrectomy, especially in mechanical suture, made the intervention less feasible in volume as in our countries. The results published with 12 years of hindsight have pushed us to carry out this intervention with some technical modifications that we find interesting. The first results are encouraging with a low rate of complications, and especially no severe complications as can be seen after sleeve gastrectomy.

The intervention was described 12 years ago by Dr. Talebpour, the first technique was to perform the plication on a row without releasing the large curvature the last technique a double row of burial of the stomach with release of the great curvature.

The procedure requires approximately 48 hours of hospitalization.

It can cause nausea and vomiting lasting up to 8 days